You Can Sleep With Elephants Under The Stars In These See-Through Jungle Bubbles

Thailand is a well-known tourist destination, with millions of visitors each year flocking to visit its pristine beaches and vast wildlife. It is also home to the world’s biggest land mammal, the Asian Elephant. Unfortunately, with so many tourists visiting each year, the elephants are often mistreated and kept in inhumane conditions for the sake of entertainment. Luckily, there is resort that is trying to make a difference where you can enjoy these beautiful creatures safely.

Thailand is easily one of the most beautiful places on Earth.

A bucket list item for sure.

Millions of visitors from around the world flock Thailand every year. Australia alone accounts for 800,000 of those tourists.

One of the biggest reasons people love Thailand is due to its exotic wildlife. You can see everything from monkeys to dolphins. People especially love the Asian elephants.

The elephant is Thailand’s national animal and they hold a special place in Thailand’s history and culture, as they are a symbol of buddhism. They are also a royal symbol and used in ceremonies by the Thai Royal family, which makes locals see the animals as a good luck charm.

50% of all elephants here end up living out their lives in captivity. They are paraded around the busy cities, forced to do tricks for tourists.

Tourism is a multi trillion-dollar industry, which is incredible for the economy, but often at the expense of the elephants. You have to be very careful when booking a resort. Animal abuse can be hidden in plain sight. The Anantara Golden Triangle Elephant Camp and Resort is one of the few places that let the elephants come and go as they please.

And for $585, you and a friend can stay the night in one of their bubble rooms. Bringing you closer to nature.

The resort is home to 60 elephants that were all rescued off of the streets. They surround the resort, so they will be the last thing you see when you go to bed at night and the first thing you will see when you wake in the morning.

The 236 square foot bubbles are air-conditioned inside and feature a king bed as well as a living space complete with a seating area. There’s also an en-suite bathroom, ensuring you don’t bump into one of these giant creatures on a middle of the night bathroom trip.

Not only that but you don’t have to leave your room at all, as staff will deliver meals to your room, if you wish to watch the sun go down as elephants saunter by.

You can even take part in a “Walking With Giants” tour accompanied by either a vet or biologist to learn more about how these giant creatures think and behave.

Or you can just relax and enjoy all the luxurious amenities the resort has to offer.

And know that you chose a resort that is helping to improve the lives of the elephants, all while providing you with an incredible vacation experience.

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