Funny Mug Shots Vol II : 15 Crazy - Deranged

Oh, You Funny Kids! Smile! You’re Busted! Put yer eye on 15 more funny mug shots of the criminally deranged! I guess we can’t all look out best when the po-po paparazzi is snapping our pictures! But good Lord, these are so so dang bad they’re priceless! So pop some corn, grab the kids and set yourself down for a good laugh at these incredibly stupid criminals!

Awesomel Jail 

When an inbred fights a cat...

I guess it was inevitable

3 arrests for Impersonating a Brint

What you can't see in the mug shot is that he's actually performing a killer guitar solol



So suavel to debonairel

Something tells me she's got 130 cats  at home...Living in her meth lab

Wait...something's missing from this photo...


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