Disturbingly Creepy When You See It Moments

Aww, they're almost holding hands! This is as adorable as it is creepy!

 What's worse - having a chaperone interrupting your date or having a chaperone on your datethatyoudon't even know about?


 Sometimes people wear masks to scare others, but this time it's the people in masks who are about to be scared
Just seconds after this photo was taken, Ty Burrell's character leaped through the TV screen, reclaimed his photo, and went back
 That back window seems to have a little something on it. Better take it through a car wash.


 "Knock knock!" "Who's there?" "A monster." "A monster who...oh dear lord!"

 Some people wear their hearts on their sleeves. And some shirts wear a face on their sleeves.
 When your couch cushion feels a little lumpy, you might want to try flipping it over. Or screaming in terror.

 As if taking public transportation wasn't scary enough already.

 "Now let's all say what we're thankful for. Who wants to go first? How about you, strange zombie girl who always joins us for Thanksgiving?"

Stephen Colbert no longer follows Jon Stewart on The Daily Show, but he can still sneak up behind him in real life.

Oh no! The guy in red is being attacked by an eagle ghost that can only be seen in a mirror! And judging by his face, the guy in blue is being attacked by a ghost, too!

Then once you look behind her, you'll realize you've actually been looking in front of her.

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