Best Places To Visit In Turkey

Turkey is steeped in the history of the landscape, complex of beaches and soaring of mountains. Turkey is best known for the gateway to Asia and Europe for hundreds of years. Istanbul is one of the popular tourist destination in the turkey. Here is an overview of Top 10 Best Places to Visit in Turkey.

1. Topkapi Place

Topkapi Palace was built in the 14th century. Which is known as the home of Sultan Mehmed. The whole area of this palace is 750 thousand m². which is surrounded all sides by a wall to the length of 1450 meters. Topkapi palace was one of the only palaces which is witnessed that life 26 sultans. The walls of this palace were famous for the love story of the great Alexandra Lisowska. who became the wife of Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent. In the drama series ” The magnificent century” one of the events takes palace in the Luxurious Topkapi palace.

2. Hagia Sophia

Hagia Sophia cathedral is a symbol of the “Golden Age” of Byzantium, which is the best example of the Byzantine architecture. The history of this cathedral begins in the V Century. This cathedral is more than a thousand years. This cathedral is also known as one of the largest Christian temples in the whole world. The height of this cathedral is 61 Meters (200 Feet), the diameter of the cathedral dome is 35 Meters (115 feet), The construction of this cathedral is one of the luxurious construction in the Byzantium which is more than a two annual budget of the Byzantium.

3. Dolmabahce Palace

Dolmabahce Palace owes its appearance to the desire of sultan Abdul-Majid I, which is very closer to the wealth of European. This palace is known as one of the most “Non-Turkish ” residences of the sultans of turkey. This palace is built in the 18th Century to the style of Baroque. Where they spent more than 15 tons of pure gold. Dolmabahce Palace contains three parts in which there are 280 rooms and 50 rooms. These complexes also have a beautiful park.

4. Bodrum

Bodrum is located in the southern region of Aegean in turkey. This city is also known as the home of Mausoleum. which is one of the seventh wonders of the great ancient world. Nowadays there are stunning beaches and top-cliff of resort attract people from the whole world. The visit to the city is uncompleted without visit the St. peter castle, which is also known as Bodrum castles. St. peter castle was built-in 1405 by the Knights Hospitaller, but today this castle was operated as a museum. In the eastern side, city tourists will find amazing beaches of blue water. Near to the beaches, there are several Cafe, Nightclubs, and bars, On the other side of the city, there are restaurants and shopping centers.

5. Pamukkale

Pamukkale is famous in the whole world for his thermal spa. Which is naturally created. Due to the deposition of the salts, these look like a white terrace. In the addition of these healing water of Pamukkale, in the spring these mountains look like a copied from pages of a fairy tale. Near to the Pamukkale, there is another interesting palace to visit which is ruins of the ancient city Hierapolis.


In Ephesus city, there is a huge open-air museum. The history of the city begins in the V century BC, and in the XIV te city as destroyed. Archaeologists restored it and after restoring museum they prepared it the inspection of the tourist. The main attraction of the city to visit the temple of Artemis. Which is one of the seven wonders in the whole world. You can also explore the city by entering the city lower and upper entrance, But it will be better if you visit the city by walking alongside the road from top to bottom.

7. Cappadocia

Cappadocia is located in the heart of turkey. Which is a unique area rich in history and its tourist attractions? The first thing in the Cappadocia is surprising you to its landscape. In Cappadocia, you can see the cliffs which are in the form of mushrooms and mountains of low. There is also an underground kingdom that has been preserved here in Cappadocia. The first dug cave of Christians is recessed here in this city. Which is creating Cappadocia is an underground city. The depth of these Cappadocia caves is 92 Meters (302 feet), and there are more than 10 thousand people lived them.

8. İstanbul

Istanbul is located on the two banks, in different centuries and in different continents. Nowadays Istanbul is one of the largest cities in the whole turkey and one of the largest cities in the whole world. In Istanbul, there are more than three thousand architectural and cultural monuments. That reflects the history of this great four empire, which capitals are Istanbul. Blue Mosque stood in the shores of the Marmara sea. Blue mosque was the symbol of Istanbul city. The Bosphorus Strait has divided the city into its two parts, Asia and Europe. It is a city of fairy tale and greatness. In this old city, you can enjoy most of historic sites, which include the Blue Mosque, Topkapi Palace and Hagia Sophia. Which is not only drawn by Palaces and Mosque. But also have shopping centers, banks, and great skyscrapers.

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