Remove Darkness And Hard Skin From Knuckles And Get Soft Beautiful Hands

We protect our facial skin a lot, but the skin on hands often remains ignored. The hand skin gets exposed to sunlight, harsh detergents which make it rough.

We use hands to drive and to lift up the heavy objects which reduce the softness of our hand.

It takes just 3 simple steps to get back to the smooth and beautiful hands. You just have to follow simple tricks and your hands will become baby soft. Here is what you should do

1: Cleansing

It is essential to remove the accumulated dirt and dead cells on your hand. Follow the below-given process to cleanse the hand properly.


Take 1 tsp of salt and add 8-10 drops of lemon juice to it.
Mix it well and spread it on your palms and knuckles.
Exfoliate properly and then wash the hands with warm water.

2: Moisturizing

You can only enhance the texture of your skin on hand when the skin is properly moisturized. The harsh chemicals in the hand wash and detergent take away the natural moisture of your hand skin.
So, apply heavy oil base moisturizer on your hands before you hit the bed. Allow to remain the layer of moisturizer on your skin overnight. This will nourish your dry skin and soothe the damaged skin as well.

3: Protect the skin

If you drive the two wheelers then use the gloves to cover your hand. The cotton gloves used while driving will protect your hand skin from sunlight, pollution, and UV radiation.
Also, make a habit of using rubber or plastic gloves while doing household cleaning.
This is the best way to protect your skin on hands from dishwashing and cloth washing detergents.
These are simple 3 tricks which anyone can follow to ensure the maintenance of soft hands. Start using these tricks and drop a comment below about your positive experiences.

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