Get Gorgeous Brows With This DIY Castor Oil

There’s an at-home solution for thicker eyebrows that’s every bit as good as the pricey products and treatments. The secret ingredient? Castor oil!


Measuring spoons
2-ounce jar with lid
Mascara brush


2 tablespoons castor oil
2 teaspoons argan oil
1/2 teaspoon vitamin E oil 2-3 capsules
9 drops rosemary essential oil
9 drops coffee essential oil


Add the castor and argan oil to a 2 ounce jar.
Squeeze in the vitamin E oil capsules.
Add the essential oil drops.
Replace lid and shake to combine.
Use morning and night for best results. Shake well and dip in a clean mascara brush and smooth over eyebrows. Massage serum into dampened eyebrows for 10-20 seconds to ensure deep absorption. Wait 5-10 minutes before carrying on with your beauty routine.
Use within 6 months after opening.

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