Complete list of keto diet food

You are thinking to try the ketogenic diet and take a head start on your health and fitness goals. Then know that being on a diet is not easy when you are ignorant of the things you have to east and the things to avoid altogether. The ketogenic diet puts your body into ketosis, a situation where your body starts using fat as a primary fuel source. During this diet, most of the calories you consume come from fat. And the minimal amount of proteins and carbohydrates.

We have put together a keto diet plan for beginners here.


When you are on your keto diet, then most of the calories should come from the fats. Fats are essential for your body, but you need to avoid unhealthy fats. The preferred form of fats in ketosis are butter, avocado, and coconut oil. You can get the right amount of good fats from meat, fish, and eggs. Remember one thing that when you’re on keto fats are your friend.

2-low carb vegetables and fruits:
Vegetables are an essential healthy part of the keto diet, but you need to consume the types of vegetables that are high in nutrients and low in carbs. Usually, dark and leafy greens would be the best thing to include in the keto diet food list. You need to choose vegetables that grow above ground; you can use those vegetables which grow below ground but in moderate quantity and limit the number of carbs in them.

3-meat and dairy products:

Meat and dairy are a primary part of keto diet food list. Fresh unprocessed are low in carbs and contain vitamin B, potassium, and zinc. But keep in mind that meat is high in protein and keto is high-fat diet, not protein, so you need to restrict the amount of meat intake. Also, keep the consumption of dairy products moderate and prefer raw organic full-fat products.

4- seafood–fish:

Fish like salmon and shellfish, rich in vitamin B and potassium are in the list of keto-friendly diet food. Shrimps and crabs have no carbs so you should go for at least two servings of fish or seafood in a week. Also, increased intake of fish decreases the risk of diseases, and it also improves mental health.


Here is the keto diet drinks list commonly used:

Water: take it with ice or sparkling also you can add lemon, lime or cucumber as natural flavors ig=f you are showing symptoms of keto flu then add some salt in it.

Coffee: you can consume coffee without sugar with little milk or cream. Or you can make it bulletproof coffee by adding coconut oil or butter.

Tea: try to stick with black or green tea and mint or herbal without sugar.

Broth: it is full of vitamins and nutrients. Kick starts your energy with electrolytes. For some extra energy, you can add some butter.

6-nuts and seeds:

Nuts and seeds are healthy full of fat and low carbohydrate diet for keto they are full of fiber and proteins and keep you full, and its consumption reduces the risk of heart diseases and specific cancer. Nuts in keto diet list are macadamia nuts, flaxseed, chia seeds, almonds, and pumpkin seeds.

You can go into keto diet for weight loss blood sugar control and acquire more health benefits. Keto has a large variety of healthy and tasty keto diet snacks within range of your daily carbs.

To avail, all the health benefits of a keto diet, use keto food list we have put together for you.

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