Baking Soda And Castor Solves Over 24 Issues

Castor oil and baking soda are one of the oldest ingredients you can find on the market, and they have been used since ancient times thanks to their incredible healing and health beneficial properties.

Instead of throwing away money at conventional treatments and medicine, which carries a risk of worsening the condition or ailment as a result of the chemical compounds they contain, why not try an all-natural mixture of castor oil and baking soda, that has been proven to treat various health complications.

For example, down below are 24 most common uses of castor oil and baking soda mixture:

Treating a sprained ankle
Healing bruises, cuts and wounds faster.
Preventing stretch marks during pregnancy.
Massage castor oil on your neck to treat hoarseness and vocal cords nodules.

The mixture can treat face spots.
Put a drop of castor in your eye to treat cataract.
It cures pilonidal cysts.
Take 5 drops of the oil in the morning to treat allergies.
Rub the oil on your eyelids to stop eye allergies.
Treat swelling and bee stings.
Mix the two ingredients to help prevent and treat cancer.
Use the coating to treat diarrhea.
Use the coating for 2 weeks to treat snoring.
Use the mixture to treat hepatitis.
Use the coating to treat fungi.
Consume a few drops in the morning to treat alcohol and nicotine addiction.
Massage your scalp with the oil before showering to boost hair growth.
Enhance hearing by applying a few drops of the oil in your ear.
Eliminate tinnitus in 4 months, by applying 6-8 drops daily.
Use the coating to treat lower back pain in just a week.
Rub the mixture on warts for a month to eliminate them.
Remove calcium deposits by massaging the soles.
Use the coating on your belly to treat hyperactivity.
Rub the oil on moles for one month to eliminate them.

How to prepare a castor oil coating:

First step is to clean the area you want to treat with some baking soda. After that, take clean gauze and soak it in some warm castor oil.

Next step is to apply it on the area you want to treat. Carefully cover the area with foil, and then put a bottle with hot water over it.

Finally you should secure the area with a towel, and leave the castor oil to act for 1 hour.
Use castor oil coating on a daily basis.

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