7 People Who Lost Weight and Started Living a Whole New Life

People Who Lost Weight and Started Living a Whole New Life: Numerous individuals fantasy about getting in shape yet just a couple of locating the internal solidarity to really do it. Their reasons may be extraordinary, such as professing to be huge boned or accusing hereditary qualities. Be that as it may, there are individuals who figured out how to achieve their weight reduction objectives and it’s practically difficult to remember them in old photographs. 

 1. Only 8 montths have passed and she said goodbye to 88lb

2. After 15 monts of hard hard work she lost 150 lb

3. She lost 100lb and she's been in a good shape for one already

4. This girl decited to change her life when her extra weigh became the reason for mnay health problems.She los 100lb in 2 years.

5.  She lost 92lb and now looks like a whole different person

6. This man was fighting depression while raising 3 kids alone.But he bulled himself together and lost 84lb in 2 years .He has changed beyond recognition

7. They wanted to change themselves and they did it.He lost 70lb,she lost 56lb

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