10 Warning Signs You May Be A Victim Of HIV

HIV is a sexually transmitted disease, which is most commonly caught by having unprotected sex and by getting in contact with someone who is already a victim of it. Hence, you should pay close attention to the changes in your body because your body may show important signs and symptoms. There are several signs and symptoms of HIV, which you should learn to recognize.

Even though the first symptoms of every disease are mild, there are some symptoms that shouldn’t be neglected.

1. Weight Loss

Unexplained and sudden weight loss and reduced appetite may be a clear sign of any health issue, such as HIV. You should visit a doctor immediately.

2. Skin Rashes

The skin can show various signs which indicate what’s going on with your health. The itchy rashes may indicate that you are a victim of HIV.

3. Sweating in Nights

If your body sweats and you have troubles falling asleep, it may indicate that you have HIV.

4. Dry Cough

Experiencing dry and sticky throat is one of the major symptoms of HIV.

5. Difficulty Concentrating

Having troubles concentrating and focusing, you should visit a doctor immediately.

6. Muscle Ache

Experiencing leg, back and joint pain may also indicate HIV and you should immediately visit a doctor.

7. Brittle Nails

Same as the skin, the nails are a great indication what’s happening in your body. In case you have HIV, your nails will turn yellow.

8. Fever

If you experience fever for a longer period of time, you should do some tests because fever is another symptom of HIV.

9. Headache and Sore Throat

HIV weakens your immune system. Hence, a headache and sore throat that seem to be there forever are another symptom of HIV.

10. Fatigue

In case you feel tired most of the time and you feel unexplained fatigue, it means that HIV virus is affecting your stamina and it reduces the energy levels.

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