10+ Functional Basement Laundry Room İdeas

Basement Laundry Room Ideas – Whether a big or a small house, there must be an extra room for some homeowners. Moreover, a basement often becomes a room to store good stuff or even left empty. To make it more useful, why not using it as a laundry room in the basement instead.

A basement laundry room doesn’t have to be tedious and uninteresting. It could contain a beautiful part, just like the other rooms in a house. Although it’s not the place that we often used, this room still deserves attention.

There are a lot of basement laundry room designs with various styles, concepts, and color options. However, the essential part of remodeling or building it is how beneficial and convenience the room is. Therefore, before starting to build or remodel a basement laundry room, we need to consider its order, practicality, and also the amount of light.

Here, we provide some of the unique ones. Therefore, take a look at these useful basement laundry room ideas below. laundry room accessories 

Sleek Laundry Room 

In a coastal style, the laundry room gives a ‘back to nature’ vibe. Although it’s in the basement, the dominant light blue color and lighting freshens the whole room and brings a bright light. 

 As we can see, on the left side, there are washer and dryer machines. Also, the furnishings are soft, and the carpets are clean, especially the flowery one.

Luxury Basement Laundry Room

A large basement can also turn into a contemporary laundry room. With black cabinets, small ventilation for air and light, single upper cabinet installed next to washing machines, those fixtures arranged well and fitted the room luxuriously. 

 Moreover, the whole design shows a contemporary laundry room in a basement.

Modern Laundry Room 

Modern design is also an excellent choice for a laundry room. With its contemporary model, this room example provided with black and white colors. On the floor, there is a large hexagon floor tile installed in multicolored. Additionally, there are washing/drying machine placed side by side, white shaker cabinets, white countertops, and drop-in sink arranged right up to the next white walls. Lastly, the design looks clean and bright with its modern appearance

Vintage Basement Laundry Room İdeas

Built in a mid-sized room doesn’t make this room lose its completeness. It applies a farmhouse design with a red brick floor, drop-in sink, distress cabinets, and wood countertops. Additionally, there are traditional hanging lamps and stacked washing machines. Moreover, the furniture looks old and classical, which brings a vintage style into the room.

Farmhause Laundry Room İdeas

By applying a traditional but timeless style, the laundry room has a grey floor and beige walls surrounding it. Also, there are hanging open cabinets for folded clothes and washing or drying machine which placed side by side. Lastly, the room colors and lights blend well and significantly.

Old Laundry Room

A combination of grey on the door, wood accent on the wall, and also red on the concrete floor gives an eclectic design. Although this mid-sized room left unfinished, with creativity, good paint, and decor, now the room looks unique and special. Thus, the laundry room looks clean and bright with enough amount of lighting and well-organized furnishings.

Basement Laundry Area

Build in the basement. This laundry room has a small space area. Although it placed downstairs, the lighting is good with enough amount of lights — additionally, the long black stairs placed near the wall to connect the basement and upstairs room. Also, the washing machine is installed in the middle of white cabinets and below white countertops. Thus, we can see a contemporary look from the whole room organization.

Basement Laundey Room Storage İdeas

A laundry room with the right amount of storage is essential for a complete working process. As we can see, there are many storage spaces installed in this room, including white and blue cabinets, white shaker cabinets, sorting cart, and hangers rack which placed side by side. With fresh blue paint, this room shows a transitional design with excellent storage arrangement.

Basement Laundry Room With Storage Cabinets And Shelving

Besides the size of the room area, the installation of cabinet and shelving are essential too. Just like this minimalist laundry room, it covered in white on the wall and fixtures. There are flat-panel cabinets and shelving to store the laundry stuff which placed side by side with the washing/drying machines. Also, the owner added baskets storage on the open shelves to make it more organized and reachable.

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